How To Send An Email To Your Database

Sending An Email

Step One: Entering your From Information

Fill out the From Information.  The From Name and Email Address; along with the subject line are what the subscriber sees when they receive your email.
Your postal address is also requested.  If the postal address is not within the content of your email  this address will be added to the bottom of your message.  Hit Continue.

Step Two: Select who you want to send the email to. 

You can send to Everyone, select certain lists or send to subscriber who match a filter you have created. Once you have made your selections you can double check your count by clicking on the Recount link in the Recipients box. Next, hit continue.

Step Three: Enter the Subject line for your email message.

Enter the Subject you want to appear when subscribers receive the email. Hit Continue.

Step Four: Delivery Options

Track click through activity (Once the email has been sent this allows us to track who has opened and clicked on links in your email message.)
Integrate Google Analytics URLs - this is not necessary
Include Social Bar (The social bar is a set of tools that is added to your piece.  The social bar can help expand the reach of your message.)
Schedule and Send
Prior to scheduling the message please review the details you have entered in the previous steps to make sure everything is accurate prior to sending your email. 
(Note: If the postal address entered in the first step is not found within the content of the message you will see the message below letting you know it will be added as a footer to the email.)
You are also able to send a test on this page to up to 5 subscribers at a time.
Lastly you are able to schedule your email to send now or schedule to send at a later date and time.

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