Do you sell E-Mail lists?

No we do NOT sell e-mail lists. Our service is intended to be used to send e-mail to mailing lists that contain only opt-in subscribers. We require our members comply fully with the CAN-SPAM act. This is an excerpt from our full user agreement:

Adding New Members: You will use a "double opt-in" (signup plus confirmation) subscription method for all new list members. For the purpose of this Agreement, a "double opt-in" method shall mean that when you add a new member's email address to the list, that email address shall not be activated unless and until the new member receives a single confirmation e-mail from you requesting the member's consent to be added to the list, and we receive from the new member a confirmation action (such as a confirming e-mail from the new member's email address) approving such action. The confirmation e-mail sent by the Customer to new members may not include advertising or calls-to-action other than an appeal to confirm the member's subscription.

Importing Members: You may only import members previously obtained directly by you using the "double opt-in"procedures described above. You may not import unconfirmed (single opt-in or opt-out) members directly into your list under any circumstances. You MAY NOT import members from co-registered or purchased sources, regardless of the confirmation status of said members.

One-Time Mailings: You may not use our service for one-time mailings to a list of members after which you substantially delete the membership and create a new list. Your membership must be a static, permanent list to which you add or delete new members and/or members subscribe or unsubscribe themselves in the ordinary course. Failure to comply with any provision of the Terms of Use or Terms of Use will result in an immediate termination of service, and no monies paid will be returned. 
You agree to hold Email, its parent corporation, any assigns or partners, officers and staff, harmless and defend from any and all civil actions relating to your use or abuse of any product or service.

Content: Some content (both subject and body content) cannot be sent under any circumstances. This includes the following but is not limited to:

  • gambling
  • betting
  • lead sales
  • pornography/adult content
  • pharmaceutical
  • promotion or sale of products or services that are deemed unlawful within the United States
  • work-at-home offers promoting "get rich quick", "build your wealth" and "financial independence" offerings

If you are unsure about how this applies to your email content, please contact us before using the service.

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