How To Upload League Standings from BLS

If your center uses BLS to process your league standings, you have the ability to upload standing sheets directly to your website!  Below are the instructions you'll need to upload your leagues.

  1. Under "Weekly League Duties" click "Web Uploads".
  2. Turn the button for "Personal Website 1" to "Yes".
  3. Click the "Personal Website Website 1" tab at the bottom to get to the settings page.
  4. Enter the name of the league in the "Custom League File" spot.  (space are not allowed, we normally recommend a format such as "FridayCouplesLeague")
  5. Enter the username and password that we provide you.  If you do not yet have this information, please click "Contact" at the top of this page or email
  6. Enter for the host name.
  7. On the right side, please set the format to PDF (available in newer versions of BLS), or XHTML/HTML (only use this if you do not have a PDF option)
  8. Test Settings, if everything tests correct, you can click save.  

You only need to enter the above settings for each league the first time you upload them.  Each week after that, you can just click the "Upload" button next to Personal Website on the Web Uploads screen.

IMPORTANT LAST STEP: The first time you upload a league, you will need to let us know by sending an email to so we can find the file on our server and add it to your website.  After we do that the first time, the file will automatically update each week when you upload the current standings, we only need to be contacted the first time.

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